How to Create Time: One Simple Rule for Busy People


Hi 👋🏼 I’m Pam Lund and I’m passionate about teaching you how to live the life you deserve. One in which you are happy every day, work less and enjoy more, and can achieve any goal you set.

As an entrepreneur and mentor, I discovered that my calling is to help people at every stage of life learn how to be present, joyful, and purposeful in their lives.

I help people like you spend more time doing what they want by uncovering their true desires and setting goals they will achieve in record time, communicating better and having better relationships, releasing anxiety and reducing stress, increasing confidence and learning to say no at the right times.




We haven’t met yet, but I know you.

  • You never say no or let anyone down. If you do, you feel guilty and apologize profusely.
  • You say “I’ll do it” more than you say “please help me”.
  • You feel guilty at work for missing out at home and anxious at home for not doing enough at work.
  • You find yourself working more and more every year without results to show for it.
  • You’d love a vacation but don’t know who would do everything you do (without screwing it up) while you’re gone.
  • You keep ending up with more and more projects on your plate. Somehow you’re now on your HOA board, three committees at work, and are active with a volunteer organization.
  • You’ve started a diet/fitness plan once a month for the last, oh, 10 years and never stuck with it because you don’t have time to make yourself a priority.
  • You zone out in front of the TV or your phone when you actually do get some downtime because you haven’t developed any hobbies. I mean who has the time?
  • You have trouble falling asleep because you think about all the things you didn’t get done today and all the things you have to do tomorrow.
  • You’re an all or nothing person. When you go, you go big and burn out fast.
  • The phrase ‘vision board’ makes your eyes automatically roll.
  • You feel like you’re never enough while trying to be everything.

Here’s the thing…

We live in an age in which we can have it all and be anything we want. We can bring home the bacon as badass executives who lift weights and do yoga while also raising 2.5 children, a goldfish, a hamster, and a rescue dog. We can be great cooks, Pinterest worthy photographers, budget fashionistas, and DIY home improvement pros. We can do anything, so we do everything. After all, we’re awesome. But we’re also tired. And when we’re tired, everyone suffers

"All the women in me. Are tired."

~poet Nayyirah Waheed

I’ve got good news though.

You’re already enough. 

In fact, you’re more than enough and you need to downsize your commitments so you can focus on what matters. I can help you find clarity about what you really want and how to get it.

I teach concepts and strategies that give you everything you need to:


Learn how to say no without disappointing people.

Learn how to set boundaries that people respect.

Learn how to spend your time the way you want.


Learn how you can overcome thoughts that are holding you back.

Learn to value results over effort so you can work less and get more done.

Learn how to be happy under (almost) any circumstances.


Learn to set goals that you won’t forget about by next week.

Learn how to use your goals to guide your daily activities at home and at work.

Learn how knowing what you want gives you the freedom to say no without guilt.

Why am I qualified to teach you these things? Because I’ve been where you are. Until recently I was a people-pleasing, overachieving person who took on too much, never asked for help, and didn’t know who she was when she wasn’t busy taking care of everyone else’s needs.

Sound familiar? I thought so.

I spent the last few years studying everything from productivity tricks to life hacks to psychology. Through that process, I kept asking myself “why didn’t anyone tell me about this?!” I would tell my friends what I was learning and they’d say the same thing! So I made it my mission to share what I learned with people who could benefit from it, in an easy to understand and implement way so you can spend more time doing what you want and live the life you deserve.

I will always be a work in progress but my progress has been significant and yours can be too when you join me in The Life Manifesto.

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